T w o   S i s t e r s   I n n   c i r c a   1 9 6 9
Built in 1925. From 1955 the pub was known as Two Sisters Inn.

 In 2006 the Two Sisters Inn was purchased by Bob & Bethanne O'Leary and the vision of a real Irish Pub was born. The carefully selected decor was enhanced by fixtures and signs from two different long time NJ establishments. O'Connors Steakhouse in Watchung and The Stratford Inn (owned by the O'Leary family) in Avon. The signs (Exerpts from Shakespeer) that hang above the windows  were removed from the Stratford Inn and stored in the O'Leary's garage for many years and ironically enough fit over top every window perfectly as if they were custom fit.  Bringing items from these other bars reflect the spirit of what is Da's Pub. There is a feeling when you walk in Da's that hits you almost immediately. It is a feeling of comfort and family. The feeling is warm and inviting and the people that will greet you are like old friends.